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Tabble County: The Movie is a film produced by Soshi Productions, the movie takes place in the horrible place known as Tabble County and stars scarf kid. The movie was released on May 24, 2018 for worldwide release and was rated PG-13. The movie was announced in late 2017.


Tabble County is a county is a small county with suspicious civilians. A man is elected as the new mayor for Tabble County and plans to ultimately blow the place up, with the help of the U.S government since the county has been causing trouble to the government recently. Scarf kid finds out about the plan and tries to tell the entire county but is soon "murdered," however he wasn't and now the U.S government is hunting for him. Now scarf kid must meet new friends and try to save the entire county.


The movie was received well, usually critics rated it around a 9/10.

"Good animation and a good story with funny humor along the way. 8/10." -MoviesRUs

"A funny movie good for friends who wanna waste time. 9/10." -What The Hell Critics?!

"An outstanding movie with lots of action, could've had a better plot though. 8.5/10" -Stop Reading This