Version 1.5

ALERT: Andrew's Website will no longer be updated nor continued.


Wow, I never knew this day would come... actually, I kind of expected it. Anyways, I will be ending Andrew's Website and it will no longer be receiving any updates nor it will be continued. I haven't been updating this site in a very long time and nothing has really changed. I have lost all motivation in this site. Andrew's Website was just a small project for me since I was into programming and wanted to start with something basic, so I decided to start with html since my friend recommended it to me. Thank you all for the support for this website, if you wanna find a similar website to mine, I recommend my friend's website. The link to his website is in the "links" tab, check his website out! Once again, thank you all so much for the ride... who knows, maybe I'll come back and update this site again or I'll make a new website entirely, welp... This has been Andrew, signing out for one last time, see you guys. :)

Welcome! My name is Andrew and welcome to my website! Here I post my art and I talk about video games, I also post about my projects that I'm currently working on and I talk about what's currently happening in my life. Enjoy your stay!


-Finally added something to the "Projects" tab check it out!

-New wallpaper! Yay!

-Finally cleaned up "Gaming."


-Added a links page.

-Made some changes to the text.

-Oraganized some sections.

-Added some useless moving text.

-Changed "Ideas" to "Projects."

-Added some new banners for each page. Random banner changer coming soon?

-Version 1.0 is out now!

-Brand new white text, hopefully it helps when you read!

-Removed the "Splat" section and replaced it with "Ideas."

-Website name changed to Andrew's Website.

-"Art," "Gaming," and "Archives" finally finished.

-Updated main text on "Home."

-Added some more stuff to "Home."

-Updated banner. (Banner changer coming soon...)

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