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Hip and Cool is a movie that was created by Soshi Productions. The movie stars Alanramham and Hipper as the main characters. The movie is a spin off of both Tabble County (series) and Tabble County: The Movie. The movie was released on October 16, 2019 and takes place one year after Tabble County: The Movie.


One year has passed after the events of Tabble County: The Movie, scarf dude is then kidnapped by hit men that were hired by his arch nemesis. The news goes public around the county and the search is on to find scarf dude, Alan and Hipper are depressed but then decide to embark on an adventure to find scarf dude, however many troubles will be faced along the way.


*Hip and Cool was originally gonna be Tabble County: The Movie 2.

*The original name for Hip and Cool was "Tabble County 2: Alan and Hipper."

*In the movie, there are many notable references to the Tabble County series.

*Originally the movie was gonna have Alan and Hipper get kidnapped and they would try to get back to Tabble County.

*An actual sequel to Tabble County: The Movie is said to be in development but it is unknown if this is true or not.