Welcome to my world... well, my universe actually.

Welcome to my universe otherwise known as my website. Here you'll find topics on video games and art and some other stuff. It'll mainly be video games and goofy drawings along with the occasional updates and what not. Right now the universe is in early stages so there's not much to be seen, in a few weeks it may get out of its BETA stages and finally release it's first Version. Nothing much to see here, but enjoy a few pictures of art!

Splat - Some random person who wears a scarf, he lives in an apartment and his friends get him into random adventures. Not much is known about this guy, he's pretty average.

This is Pizza Dude, he owns and works at a pizza place. That's it, he has a pretty nice moustache though.

Just a basic awkward wave... hi?

Let me just turn off the comput-- Jerry, why is there a person wearing a scarf coming out of the screen?